Food@LIT is a center of excellence in food research, capable of food development and innovation that provides direct positive benefits for both the regional and national economy. The benefits for businesses that avail of our services are wide ranging and far reaching in terms of their impact on the clients’ commercial success, whether they are start-up companies or established enterprises.

Food@LIT particularly encourage food SME’s to consider applying for Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers, which help them to explore a new or develop an existing business idea in conjunction with Food@LIT. These vouchers enable SME operators to concentrate on running their business while our knowledge providers come up with a solution that can take their business to the next level.

Food@LIT is a solution-driven research centre. I get such a thrill to see our research being utilised and implemented. The centre offers tangible, practical and coherent solutions that are research based and the answers we offer can be used by the client instantly.”

Consumer Research and Sensory Analysis are key services provided by Food@LIT, Consumer perceptions and drivers of liking are changing. Understanding the voice of the consumer and being ahead of the competition are the keys behind each successful product. Our Sensory Analysis service has facilities both in LIT and in Limerick City Centre and therefore, has easy access to a wide demographic of consumers. Consumer testing provides a relatively cheap methodology to gauge the wider public’s attitudes to and preferences for a particular product.

Garrett Landers of Limerick-based Garretts Butchers is one of the business owners who has witnessed immediate results for his business. He stated: “The research allowed us to test new product ideas to ensure that only those products with proven potential are developed. Developing the wrong products can be expensive and a challenge for many producers. Access to a trained sensory panel ensured a consumer perspective to minimise risk and guide us on our innovative pathway.”

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